Better Plumbing Options

Major advances in technology have changed the way we construct and renovate our homes. Two decades past, copper pipe was the standard in as far as plumbing jobs were concerned. In fact, it was the only material used in plumbing works. Not anymore. Today’s construction and renovation projects use either copper or plastic in their plumbing jobs.

Which one should you use in your home construction or renovation? Just like with other construction materials, your choice will be based on the pluses as well as the tradeoffs of using these materials for your specific construction or renovation jobs.

Copper is a popular plumbing material for most people and is also perceived to be a more durable alternative. On the other hand, plastic plumbing materials transfer less heat and are considered as energy efficient option. However, there are certain areas where the use of plastic plumbing materials is restricted under existing safety regulations and building codes.

Copper is an inexpensive option, but will require a certain degree of competency and skill set for proper installation. If you are planning to perform the plumbing job yourself, then you would need to develop the skill of soldering copper joints. In addition to this, you also have to use a set of tools in order to perform the job. These include torch, pipe cutter, flux, emery paper and solder. Your range of choices of copper joints will be limited by what is available in your local home stores or plumbing supply outlets.

You can use copper tubing as an alternative if you can’t find the appropriate copper joints that you require in your plumbing job. The major downside of copper tubing is that it easily bends and may pose some safety issues in your plumbing job. In most instances, you have to solder the copper joints that go through tight areas. Repairing leaking copper joints is a challenging task even for those who are considered experts in copper plumbing jobs.

One of the major reasons why you will have to use copper in your plumbing is its availability. It has been in use for more than two decades and in countless construction and renovation projects. Its codes are well established and uncomplicated. In most renovations, copper is the logical choice as it is usually the material used in the existing plumbing systems. Experts attest to the fact that with the proper learning methods and tools, one can easily develop the proficiency and skill in soldering copper fittings the right way.

On the other hand, there are certain construction or renovation requirements that make plastic piping a better alternative to copper. Plastic piping is now turning to be the more common material in new construction and renovation projects. Compared to copper, plastic piping is easier to use and install. It is also a flexible and durable plumbing material.

You can choose from a wide range of plastic piping material depending on the requirements and specifications of your construction or renovation project. The most common types of plastic piping are the cross-linked and the chlorinated polyvinyl chloride tubing. Other types of plastic tubing include acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride. These latter set of plastic piping are usually utilized in non-pressure applications such as the sewage, in applications where potability is not an issue and in underground plumbing jobs where UV exposure is not a concern.

For those who understand how to approach the job, plumbing is a pretty simple task regardless of the plumbing material being used. Your choice of plumbing material shall be based on existing building code, your skill and competency and your personal choice. No matter which type of plumbing material you use, if the job is performed the right way, copper or plastic piping will give you topnotch performance for many years to come.

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What the Heck Is Kitec?

Kitec is a plastic plumbing system installed Canadian and US homes from the early 1990’s until it was initially recalled in 2005, with some installations completed as late as 2007. In addition to hot and cold water piping in homes it was also used for in-floor, and other hot water radiant heating systems.

Premature failure has led to a cross-border class-action lawsuit.

Widely promoted as an alternative to copper piping, Kitec was pulled from the market because the fittings corrode very quickly. Failure is accelerated with high pressure and high temperature, and may also be affected by the chemistry of the water supply including the water pH and the level of chlorine.

Many homes fitted with Kitec plumbing have already suffered extensive water damage due to these piping systems bursting, and failure rates are expected to increase over time. The only complete solution is to replace Kitec plumbing with copper, or another plastic piping system – and will most often require access behind walls and through floors.

Kitec plumbing can most often be identified by its orange (hot water) and blue (cold water) pipes, but it was also manufactured in red, blue, gray and black. The tubing may be imprinted with any of 10 different brand names including Kitec and PlumbBetter. Visible fittings are stamped with Kitec or KTC.

A Kitec system can be identified by locating tubing at the hot water tank or in a utility room where the pipe enters or exits walls. The tubing may also be visible under kitchen or bathroom sinks. You may also find a label at the electrical panel or elsewhere indicating the plumbing system does not provide an adequate grounding for electrical systems.

The anticipated costs to retrofit single family homes ranges from $4,000 to $8,000 depending upon the approach taken and the work required. Prices include replacing plumbing and drywall but not kitchen or bathroom tiles, or any fixtures such as shower shells which would have to be removed to access the pipes.

A class action suit concluded in 2011 awarded a settlement fund of US$125 million with US$25 million going to the lawyers in Canada and the U.S., and US$100 million being set aside for claimants who have until January 2020 to file. Final payouts will not be settled until the expiry of the claims period in 2020, and with an estimated 87,600 claims and the cost of administration, as well as new claims arising from recent publicity, homeowners will be lucky to see $500 to $1000.

Many insurers are already denying applications for homeowner insurance, where Kitec plumbing has been identified in the home.

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How to Manage the Errand of Plumbing

Owning a house means taking care of it too. Maintaining a house is not an easy job. You have to take care of the drains, faucets and even sewerage. In fact, plumbing problems can crop up anytime and you should be prepared to handle them.

There are a lot of companies which provide plumbing services and most of them maintain their own websites. So finding them is not difficult. They provide a plethora of services and thus you can easily select the one you require. Once you contact them they will provide you with quotes so that you can compare and select the one that suits your budget.

The most common services they offer are related to blocked drainages. It can be as simple as your kitchen sink getting blocked or your bathroom or even your drains. The companies can even repair damaged pipes outside your home. They can fix collapsed pipes and cracked pipes too. They have the technology and expertise to address such complex problems.

These companies usually employ skilled workmen who know their job. They can identify the problem quickly. The services are prompt so that you can rest assured that once you give them a call your job will be done pretty soon. There are many companies in Canada that help you in maintaining your house by offering you with quality plumbing services. you can make use of yellow pages as well as internet to locate the nearest plumber in your area. make sure to check the credibility of the company before assigning the job.

Plumbers and Electricians Wanted by Canada

A recruitment drive by the Canadian government may result in people, who have passed plumbing courses and electrical courses, moving to the country.

The Canadian Government revealed plans to welcome between 240,000 and 265,000 new permanent residents in 2010, targeting its immigration system to recruit skilled workers like plumbers, electricians and plasterers.

People who have completed plumbing courses, electrical courses and plastering courses are wanted by the North American country because the upcoming Canadian construction season is expected to be the busiest yet.

Construction workers are in demand because of infrastructure stimulus programmes introduced by the Canadian Government in 2009, as well as residential demands for new housing.

Nigel Smith, from the Canadian Visa Bureau, said that people who have completed the appropriate plumbing courses and electrical courses are considered in such demand that they will be able to find work very quickly upon emigrating.

He said: “These are the few occupations that are the lucky exception from the requirement of needing a job offer from a Canadian employer before emigrating, and that is due to the government’s confidence that people in these occupations will be able to secure work.”

Under the current Canadian immigration system, applicants who have an offer of arranged employment typically take approximately six to eight months for their permanent residency applications to be processed.

However, Canadian Visa Bureau is able to obtain temporary work permits for migrants with arranged employment that will allow the migrant to enter Canada and commence work within six to eight weeks.

The Canadian Skilled Migration Program is a points-based system, with points awarded according to age, education, work experience, and language skills.

Applicants aged between 20 to 50 are awarded maximum age points, which is a higher age limit compared with most other countries.

British workers, who have passed plumbing courses, electrical courses and plastering courses, wanting to move to Canada have a number of advantages including English language points as well as a similar cultural heritage.

People who want to become a fully qualified electrician a person will need to undertake the City & Guilds (2330) Technical Certificate in Electrotechnical Technology levels 2 and 3 electrical courses.

In order to become fully qualified plumbing courses that people need to complete include the City & Guilds 6129 Technical Certificate Level 2 and Level 3 and the City & Guilds Plumbing Level 2 and Level 3 NVQ in Mechanical Engineering Services – Plumbing (Domestic).

NatWest International Personal Banking discovered that 48 per cent of people living abroad thought that Canada had the highest quality of life.

The Art Of Finding Dependable Plumbers

Plumbing is one service that everyone needs at some point. You may have to find a dependable plumbing service very quickly if any emergency situation arises. It is better that you know some companies whom you can always rely upon. In today’s web world it is not at all difficult to locate such a service.

Most of the plumbing services have online presence and hence finding them is very easy. You can contact them easily and obtain free estimates also. They provide a host of services encompassing domestic and commercial plumbing and heating projects too. So, if you require shower installations or new bathroom installations or repair to hot water tanks you can depend on these companies.
Even for all your drainage problems these companies can provide suitable solutions. They are mostly open 24X7 and can really prove helpful in times of crisis. And hence can cater to all sort of plumbing emergencies with a great ease. All you need to do is to call them up and within no time you will find one of the best and most skilled plumber at your doorstep.

The companies schedule their work according to your convenience. Their technicians first take a stock of the situation to identify the problem with your drainage system. Drain cleaning and repair is their area of expertise and you can rest assured that they will handle the project with utmost professionalism. They will provide you with suggestions for maintaining the drains also. Since their business is built on the cornerstone of customer satisfaction your contentment is always guaranteed.